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Our Service Deliveries and R&D Endeavours

Innovation: Sowed by producer, reaped by customer.

Digital Products Group

Digital Products & Services Company
A Multi-functional Peripheral (MFP) is a device that performs a variety of functions that would otherwise require multiple individual devices. Better cost savings and lower space requirements make MFPs the obvious choice amongst users who don't wish prefer to buy multiple hardware equipment. As a rule, an MFP includes at least two of the following:

  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Copier
  • Fax machine

From a technical perspective a Multi-functional Peripheral Devices usually has a base function accompanied by one or more added capabilities. Here are some common examples:

  • Digital copy machine: Creates copies digitally by scanning and printing. In addition to scanning and printing, may also include a fax machine, sorter and office hardware such as a stapler.
  • Fax machine MFP: Appears like a normal fax machine but connects to a PC for data input/output, printing, scanning and copying.
  • Printer/Scanner/Copier MFP: Is a printer, scanner and copier with some models also incorporating a fax machine as well.
DomainPrinter/Scanner/Copier MFP

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Electronic Devices & Components Group

Nanotechnology: Enabling small things to remain miniscule yet be powerful.

Semiconductor & Storage Products

Toshiba invented the world's first flash memory device in 1984.
Since the commercial introduction of NAND flash memory in 1987, Toshiba has led the world with its cutting-edge technology and mass production.
The diagram below provides briefs about Toshiba's Memory Solutions that make use of its proprietary NAND flash technology.

Shows Toshiba's chip stacking technology, memory controller technology, Process technology and MLC technology and application products.

Toshiba offers a variety of memory solutions. These include:

  • Embedded NAND flash memory with layered controllers
  • A multi-chip package (MCP) that stacks multiple memory chips in one package
  • Card and storage products.

Shows Toshiba's offerings of memory products and application examples.

Toshiba also provides support for development of several applications to be used over NAND Chip and other associated technologies.

At Toshiba, we provide development and support for:

  • System, Application & Firmware development for Future Market.
  • System, Application and User testing on products/services for coming Planned Market.
  • Product Maintenance & Technical Support for all current market products.

At Toshiba, the following endeavours and activities or of significant importance:

  1. 1. Digital Television Multimedia Firmware: Toshiba develops and supports several 'System Integration Solutions' designed for HDTV, SmartTV LCD/LED TV models. Toshiba's Real-time DTV solutions synchronizes multi-core backend platform with multi-core ARM front-end architecture.
  2. 2. Layered Software Development: ARM Microcontroller based Toshiba platform with SoC specific Device Drivers (Ethernet, USB Host, Device, SD Card SPI, UART, CAN, I2C etc.) on Real-time OS. Middleware for USB Host & Device stack, LWIP/TCP/IP stack, FAT/FS, Nano-X GUI library.
  3. 3. Customer Specific Applications: HTTP Server/Client Application, DHCP Server/Client Application, USB Host and Device MSC Demo Application, USB Host 3G demo Application, SD Card FAT/FS Application, LCD Graphics demo, USB Device HID demo.
  4. 4. Toshiba Speech Engine: Toshiba has developed a Text-to-Speech solution with over 90% accuracy porting and optimizing as middleware on Android 4.x and iOS5&6 targeting applications for different products. Smart sound solution aims to cater specific ergonomic needs of elderly people for ease of understanding. It included fine-tuning the speech-engine algorithm to introduce time-delay in spoken words/sentences.
  5. 5. Video Streaming/Video on Demand: Toshiba uses SoC based on ARM core as the application processor, which targets multiple devices/products and applications. It is capable of managing huge volume of data spread across multiple databases locations. This is resolved through 'Distributed Cluster Management'. It usessingle centralized/master control through multiple client access. Data access speed is managed/optimized through load distribution techniques across multiple cores/processors. The system is built to be fault tolerant and has a layered security controlled through an encryption techniques for cloud access.
  6. 6. Computer Vision and Imaging Technology: With SoCs where Toshiba accelerated hardware accelerators brings various real-time applications. Already implemented solution targets Fish-Eye lens correction, Multiple Objection detection through Stereo camera with Rectification, Disparity Map, and Triangulation. Feature extraction with trained dictionary data from existing and extended databases covering Indian scenarios.

Embedded Software on Toshiba SoC Platform:

Toshiba SoC platforms are designed to cater to various hardware equipment and customer applications such as Surveillance camera, Gesture UI, Smart Home appliances, Health Care and wearable processor to communicate with Smartphone or Tablet:

  • Toshiba's Application Processor can sense environment/human activity around the machines and transfer data to and from Cloud. It enables a Machine To Machine communication through cloud and Supports Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • TSIP develops the standard interface and software platform to communicate with Cloud.
  • TSIP has been working on developing standards, applications and solutions required to develop Secure Processing and Encryption engine to protect data
  • TSIP works on processing and implementing intelligent decision making techniques on live data. Such ImageFilter, Image Recognition Engine, Signal Processing and Video/Audio codecs.

Toshiba's PCIe based Multi-peripheral SoC has multi-functional features such as USB xHCI, USB EHCI/OHCI, SATA, UART, eMMC4.41, I2C, SMC, SMM, PMU and VIB:

  • A high Bandwidth System Flash Controller
  • xHCI USB 3.0 controllers and EHCI/OHCI USB 2.0/1.1 host controller
  • A SATA host controller with two ports

This solution from Toshiba is a companion chip serving three major functions:

  • It provides a communication pathway between the host SoC and the peripheral devices
  • It performs a plethora of low-level system functions such as system power up sequence, system thermal management, debugging aid, etc.
  • It provides a HDMI input path to the SoC

TSIP develops and delivers embedded software on Toshiba's Application Processor and Multi-peripheral SoC platforms.


TSIP is making extensive delivery contributions for Graphics domain related to:

  • Software solutions for Khronos Open Source standards like OpenVG 1.1, Open GLES 2.0 and OpenGLSL 1.00
    • The Software libraries make use of the Graphics Accelerator for faster imaginary rendering.
    • The solutions provided are compatible for multiple hardware platforms.
  • Supporting Open Graphics software library on various Operating Systems such as Linux, uITron for Toshiba SoCs used in Mobiles, TVs etc.
  • Software Interface implementations for Open Source Graphics Libraries like DirectFB, Cairo, GTK and WebKit to accelerate rendering using Toshiba GPUs.


Toshiba develops the following Software Solutions for Automotive Domain:

  • Device Drivers, Board Bring-up solutions  and other Development Software for Toshiba Automotive SoCs focused on Image Processing applications
  • Linux Porting for Toshiba SoC
  • MCAL Compliant Drivers for SoCs based on the AutoSAR 4.1 Architecture

Compiler Tool-chain:

TSIP develops, updates and maintains development tools such as C compiler, Assembler and Linker for TX19 family (32-bit MIPS RISC), TLCS family (8/16/32-bit CISC) and PSC (32-bit DSP) of Toshiba's microcontrollers.

  • TSIP focuses on developing solutions for librarian, macro processor, object converter and many useful bin utilities.
  • TSIP provides after sales technical support for our customers in Japan in Japanese language and customers in rest of the world in English.
  • The 'C Compiler' fully conforms to ANSI/ISO standards. It is an optimizing compiler with provision to control various optimizations to fine-tune the compiler output.

Operating Systems & Device Drivers:

TSIP works on Device Driver, Firmware & System Software for a variety of Semiconductor devices. TSIP also contributes significantly in the field of Storage Devices Development.
NAND Devices:

  • Develop NAND specific system software
  • NAND drivers, boot loaders and firmware concepts
  • Provide technical support to customers worldwide
  • Participate/help for NAND Device promotions
  • Successfully deployed the software in many products

SSD Devices:

  • Develop SSD firmware and tools
  • SSD firmware architecture, design and implementation
  • Support for worldwide customers

Tablet PC Products:

TSIP is responsible for complete Pre-Install Image development as well as Component development on Toshiba's Android Tablet PC platform. The activities include:

  • Development of Android Tablet Pre-Install Images
  • Development of various Applications and System features on Tablet PC
  • Development of various DRM technologies for region
  • Product Validation and QA testing of Android preinstall
  • Provide technical support to customers worldwide

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Research & Development division

I am a flowing stream, and I know my talent, I will find my own way on the path I turn to.

Established in January 2013, our Bangalore-based R&D division is another first for TSIP and serves to strengthen Toshiba's global R&D initiatives for India and other developing countries.

Keeping with our global mission, the R&D Division plans to engage in cutting-edge basic and applied research in multiple fields to accelerate localized global research and development. As the Division is expected to invoke reverse innovation from Indian market; this will empower our Product teams to function at the highest level of maturity.

The primary focus of our R&D division is big data analytics, which is both challenging and attractive. The division believes research and innovation done through intensive competition will contribute to Toshiba's diversified business areas like Smart Community, Digital products, Consumer appliances, Medical systems, Retail systems, Transportation systems, Web services, Social infrastructure, and Storage systems.

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Toshiba Power Systems Company

Toshiba Power Systems Company, one of the largest in-house companies in Toshiba, and a leading manufacturer of heavy electrical apparatus with worldwide sales/service network.

As a leading electric equipment manufacturer, TOSHIBA globally supplied reliable, innovative and environmentally friendly products and services to energy market for more than 100 years. During the course of the last century TOSHIBA has delivered approximately 1700 steam turbine units, 240 hydraulic turbine units, 300 hydraulic generator units and 32 nuclear reactor units to customers throughout the world.

To meet the diversified needs of customer, TOSHIBA developing a Common Platform for Energy Management Systems, which requires cutting edge technology to compete global companies such as ABB, Siemens and GE, by reducing the development cost, scalability (cloud technology) and international standardization (IEC TC57).

TSIP is developing a Common Platform Distribution Management System (DMS) and SmartVis Web Framework with several GUI functionalities with complex screens for to support real time applications like SCADA.

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Cloud and Solutions division

Toshiba is aiming to be one of the leading Cloud Computing Providers through state-of-the-art Secure Data Center hosting and providing on-demand hosting Services and Solutions by leveraging Toshiba’s strong product play in Storage area for Toshiba group of companies and their customers. Toshiba has partnered with Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Industry leaders like Citrix ,VM ware and IBM to build these solutions . One of the first Cloud initiatives that Toshiba C&S division working is, redefining the Virtual Desktop Experience by hosting the Service completely in Toshiba Secure Data Centers which will enable mid-market and enterprise companies of any size to deploy virtual desktops with reduced capital expenses, enhanced security, and support for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.
The C&S group works together with Engineering, Research, Product Marketing teams across USA & Japan and with local 3rd party vendors in India.
As part of C&S Group at Toshiba, we build products covering all phases of Software SDLC (Requirements, Architecture through implementation and Ops).

Given below are the synopsis of the work done by C&S group.

  • Build Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution hosted out of Toshiba Secure Data Centers.
  • Build application hosting platform for Toshiba SaaS applications to help Toshiba customers to proactively manage Toshiba Equipment.
  • Build Hosted common Unified Cloud Platform that can be leveraged by all applications in Toshiba group of companies.
  • Build hosted Solutions and Services by leveraging Toshiba’s strong play in Storage.

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Why Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs and increase performance.

TOSHIBA, as worldwide Oracle Partner, has highly experienced and specialized team in Oracle E-Business Suite of applications including R12 Supply Chain Management, Financial Management & Human Capital Management. We at TSIP combine our industry experience, our own techniques, and reusable components to provide the customer comprehensive E-Business Suite services/offerings and maximize the returns on Oracle investments. TSIP’s Oracle Practice provides consulting services to the world's leading corporations across various industry verticals. Our team is equipped with tools, methodologies, best industry practices and supported by highly experienced consultants.

For more information in Japanese please click here.

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