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History and Evolution of Toshiba (Japan) and Toshiba (India)

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The Brief History of Toshiba Software India

I have walked so far, can't recall where I started from.

Toshiba Software (India) Pvt Ltd (TSIP) has over a decade of proven expertise into customer deployments in the field of Semiconductor, MFP, Tablet PC, Cloud & Solutions, R&D besides other domains.

In the decade since, we have evolved as one of the largest independent enterprise/mid-enterprise cloud-solutions development company in the world. Four factors which set us apart are:

  • Our broad and engraining service offerings on various cloud platforms and industry verticals.
  • Our capability to provide strategic guidance to customers on their cloud platform deployment roadmap.
  • Our delivery process which is tailored to meet the challenges of evolving mobile landscape.
  • Our highly skilled and dedicated team with deep domain experience.

At TSIP, we understand the strategic nature of our clients' businesses. We focus on providing them with risk mitigation and process excellence in our chosen areas.

Corporate Initiatives

We provide our clients with an integrated IT and Operations value proposition that helps optimize the process and underlying technology applications to provide long-term value to our clients. We leverage the breadth of technology expertise from our strong workforce. We work with our clients to understand the impact of technology on productivity and are willing to invest in developing the technology and tools to enhance customer value.

Over the last decade TSIP has delivered a number of highly innovative solutions while holistically focussing on all areas of project/service execution. From Concept to Design, Solution Development to Testing and Marketing to Technical Support, TSIP has been consistently delivering quality.

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Key Milestones For Toshiba Software India

Sometimes it's better to travel than to arrive.

Since inception TSIP has worked with dedication towards becoming leader inĀ an array of R&D and technology development services. We have encountered and overcome almost all of the major challenges organizations face while implementing diversified technological innovations in varied verticals. As innovators and problem solvers, we are proud of the work we do and the relationships we've built with our customers.

Our expert teams of engineers, customer support teams and managers strive to provide the best experience possible, putting our customer's business needs and expectations as our top priority. Our expertise, unmatched by the competition, can best be described by the technical know-how of our teams.

  • Aug 2002: Established as SoCrates Software India Pvt Ltd.
  • Dec 2004: Acquired by Toshiba
  • Oct 2005: Started Toshiba TEC MFP business
  • Jan 2007: Company name changed to Toshiba Embedded Software INDIA(TESI)
  • Sep 2012: Company name changed to TSIP (Toshiba Software (India) Pvt Ltd.)

Our core focus is on the two areas as below:

  • Enabling Employees: By enabling our teams to keep pace with the latest in cloud deployment technology - and become thought leaders in their individual areas of specialization.
  • Enabling Customers: By proactively going to our customers and helping them, get the most business value from cloud deployment.

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Why India for Toshiba (Japan)

Opportunities are dressed in disguise, and appear much like hardwork.

Toshiba Software (India) Pvt Ltd. was established as a Software ODC (Off-shore Development Centre) for Toshiba Semiconductor Company. Later, as we expanded into new domains like Multi-functional Peripherals, Android Tablet PC, Smart Grid System, Medical equipment, smart card and cloud storage and solutions.

Our mission is to create and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions from India.

  • We have been increasing our technology footprint in Toshiba's global business.
  • We have been growing organically since inception.
  • Our unique work culture provides excellent opportunities for our employees to learn and grow.

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Key people from Toshiba (India)

We are the alpha and the omega.

In a team where People work with Passion and Participation, Productivity will follow.

Since we give each one of our employees the opportunity to live their goal, we look for people with revolutionary modern ideas, who are inspired to work hard and possesses the leadership skills to meet challenges and build healthy relationships within their ecosystem. As one of the fastest growing teams, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets and as a result, we nurture them in a work environment that would inspire them to be more productive.

Our Core Team is composed of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering outstanding quality and ensuring consistency along the entire transformation journey, from Strategy to Implementation. They adhere to and abide by the corporate values, have outstanding academic qualifications and proven track records.

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