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Innovator! 'Out-of-box' Thinker! Committed to Teamwork! Self-driven! Solution Seeker!

If these words define you, then we have a desk waiting for you in our office.
At TSIP, our employees are the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables us to attract and retain the best team in the world. Our commitment to shared values unites us globally and fosters an environment in which innovation and teamwork thrive.

For us at TSIP, we always keep our people on the prime. Currently we are grooming a dedicated and dynamic team to retain our competitive advantage. We pool the best people from India and around the world to develop their skills, cultivate their potential through training programmes, learning from our partners with opportunity of involvement in real business work.

We prefer to mould ourselves into a talent-friendly and as a preferred employer, we strive to nurture people, harness their talent, intellect and capabilities; and hone their growth by being a strategic partner, catalyst and facilitator in accomplishing the following for a holistic growth of the entire organization.

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Some of the ways we make sure TSIP is the preferred employer;

  • Overall well-being of employees
  • Career development and growth
  • Technology enhancements
  • Continuous dissemination of knowledge and learning
  • Culture, compassion and togetherness
  • Respect for organizational values and integrity
  • Respect for individuals

We offer competitive remuneration packages according to the value you bring to the company. We are looking for interns; fresher's out of college and experienced individuals who can shoulder responsibilities at senior levels as well. So, if you are talented, driven and believe that you have what it takes to build a result-oriented, self-driven, innovative and impulse-seeking technological environment; you are just the person we are looking for at TSIP.


TSIP is an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, colour, race, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, economic or social status or disability. As a global company, we value the integrity and diversity of the markets in which we operate. Diversity is central to Toshiba's corporate image and is an integral part of our innovation, growth and people strategies. We believe in having a workforce that broadly reflects the composition of the local communities in which we operate and recognise the competitive advantage this places us a preferred employer.

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Who is eligible?

TSIP - Transforming a Collegiate Into a Thinker & an Innovator.

Our R&D Division plans to collaborate extensively with premier Indian Universities & Technical Institutions to develop mutually beneficial and long-term collaborative relationships with professors and students, to nurture advanced research, to promote university industry exchanges and to help push forward the boundaries of research.

We are currently interacting with department heads and professors of IITs and IISc to initiate research collaborations. Our research model promotes creativity and independent thinking, while providing a challenging and open work environment. Our internship programs support students who are considering careers in research. We also have opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.

We're looking for individuals who:

  • Desire to grow, and can think and act 'out of the box'.
  • Have strong academic foundations in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or related business disciplines.
  • Are solutions-oriented, structured in thought, open to travel and have an urge to understand client deliverables.
  • Have an agile and flexible mindset, enjoy the industry's ever-changing nature and are eager to adapt their approach to best qualify client needs.
  • May or may not have relevant project work experience in a service-oriented, team-based environment.

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How to join us?

At TSIP, we don't just offer you a job; what we give, is a life's perspective.

We believe one of the ways to become a truly great company is by enabling human potential.
We provide our people with the legroom to control their professional destiny explore and nurture new areas and capabilities.

With several leading innovations to its credit, Toshiba Software (India) Pvt Ltd. is a Software Development Center for Toshiba Corporation, Japan. TSIP is growing and we believe in pooling the best people from India and around the world to build a dedicated and dynamic team of world-class professionals.

Send in your CVs to

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Where do you fit in the big picture?

You: Our most valuable asset and a cherished investment.

At TSIP, we keep our employees on the forefront of everything we plan and do.
Our employee-centric career accession program focuses on giving people whatever they need to succeed - be it space to grow, time to think or tools to use because we believe your professional growth is about maximizing personal potential rather than monitoring professional performance.

Our approach to keep employees first, leads them to a path of individual enlightenment. We ensure we give our employees the support, knowledge, recognition, empowerment and transformation. This may include a virtual assistant or talent transformation sabbaticals; expert guidance or fast track growth; inner peace or democratic empowerment.

We have a warm and employee-friendly work culture, which makes our employees feel cared for.

  • Our Employees are Our Most Valuable Assets
    We provide employees with infinite opportunities to realize and achieve their potential by encouraging them to develop their capabilities and maximize their value.
  • Utilization and Development of Human Resources
    We endeavour to match the right person with the right project to make the best use of human resources.
  • Wherever We Operate, We're Mindful of 'Social Mores'
    We respect human rights and ensure that decisions within the business are made using objective criteria that leaves no room for discrimination against any sector in society (on grounds of gender, race, age, nationality, religion, thought or disability). We comply with local and national laws in all the regions we operate from and have the highest respect for local customs, culture and social traditions.

At TSIP, the overall objective is to continually nurture people and monitor their growth by being a strategic partner, a catalyst and a facilitator in accomplishing their pre-defined career goals.

Blood Donation Camp

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Life @ TSIP

'Citius, Altius, Fortius': The crux and helm of inspiration at Toshiba India.

With a rich heritage of more than 125 years inherited from Toshiba Corporation, Japan; our vision and growth gives us the confidence to trust and believe that finding a corporate culture as versatile and talent-friendly as ours is surely a herculean task. This is what gives us our edge and creates agility unmatched by any of our competitors.
Our unique work culture is corroborated by a set of core values that have been tended to and nurtured carefully over the past two decades.

  • Client-focused Delivery: Create fanatical advocates for TSIP by providing extraordinary experiences and unprecedented business outcomes for our clients and their customers.
  • Creativity: Innovate by identifying and creating new sources of value and identifying opportunities that exploit the intersections of business, marketing and technology.
  • Compliance & Quality: Adherence to Software Quality & Process Compliance takes a much higher precedence and preference.
  • Leadership: The ability to focus, the ingenuity to inspire, motivate and grow our clients and ourselves to achieve exceptional results.
  • Openness: Be open, honest and forthright to build trust and get the right solutions for our clients and each other.
  • People Growth: Rapidly and continuously nurture our employees to build a great company with a high-performance culture.
  • Relationships: Build relationships that are long-term, trusted and valuable with our employees, our clients and strategic partners.

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Continuing Education & Knowledge Sharing Forum @ TSIP

Education: The soul of a society, passed from one generation to another

At TSIP, we promote and nurture an inquisitive environment amongst all our team members, to undergo skill-based Continuing Educational programs, which keeps them in-sync with various needs of specific on-the-job requirements of modern day and globalised corporate world.

The aim of our Continuing Education program and most other on-the-job trainings at TSIP is to infuse our team members with newer, better, and more rationalized ideas. The objective of learning and the reward that follows is to enable continued capacity for growth.

Apart from the much needed Technical Training, TSIP also emphasises intensively on several soft-skills trainings such as Cross Cultural Acclimatisation, Presentation Skills, and Leadership Development Skills.

Additionally, several role-based trainings such as overview of client's business and organization, overview of technical environment and processes specific to the client, and rules or procedures of handling non-intrusive interactions with the client and so on.

TSIP is spread across multiple nations, each of them have a significantly varied language and culture, and geographical environment. At TSIP we train our employees in Japanese Language and acclimatize them to the Japanese work cultural thus enable them to improvise on their communication with our clients and partners.

TSIP has been promoting its employees to further improve its competency over the Japanese Language. Since the inception of the R&D and delivery centre in Bangalore, frequent cross-culture training sessions have been organized to bridge cultural differences and to promote integration.

Japanese Language Class

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